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$50 - $100 off

The earlier you book, the more you save

Get $50 off for booking 1 year ahead of your wedding or $100 off for booking 2 years ahead!

$50 off

Get savings for staying healthy!

Get $50 off by showing us your vaccination card! We'll also accept email confirmations or the Walgreen's app.

$50 - $100 off

Go with our preferred venues and save!

Get $50 off if you're celebrating at The Cheney Mansion in Oak Park, IL, or $100 if you're celebrating at Loft 21 in Lincolnshire, IL!

$50 off

Have we seen you before?

Get $50 off if we've done a member of your family's wedding!

$50 off

Do you recieve SNAP or EBT benefits?

Get $50 off if you receive SNAP or EBT benefits from Illinois

$50 off

During COVID-19 and beyond

Thanks for taking care of us when we're sick or hurt and need help the most.

$50 off

Do you work for Chicago or the military?

Get $50 off for serving our country or our city. Police, firefighters, road workers, sanitation and CTA employees included.

$50 off

Now, it's your turn to celebrate!

Get $50 off if you mainly work in the wedding industry. Wedding DJs, photographers, videographers, banquet hall staff, planners, florists, caterers, and wedding dress consultants included.


1 per wedding

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