Meet Bill Fickes: DJ and owner/operator at Party Vibe Online. Bill has over 10 years of experience DJing various clubs/venues in Chicago. Having been a part of hundreds of events, his experiences melded with his creativity and Party Vibe Online was born! Bill loves every type of music, but especially enjoys mixing EDM and dubstep!


Meet William Chorski: DJ at Party Vibe Online. William has DJ'd hundreds of events while simultaneously building a solo career as a DJ/producer. His remixes garner a lot of attention on Soundcloud and Youtube, and his mixing skills are well honed. William loves to mix motown, EDM, and R&B music as well as hits from the 90s and early 2000s.


Meet Susan Fickes: DJ and owner/operator at Party Vibe Online. Her favorite genres to spin include rock and reggae, as well as music from the 80s and 90s. Susan manages our main office and event planning services. Ask her for tips on how to spice up your party!


Meet Miles Knight: DJ at Party Vibe Online. Miles has been DJing for many years as an independent DJ. When we asked Miles what music genre he specializes in, he laughed and said, "wedding DJs specialize in playing all genres." He couldn't have been more right!