Cold Spark Fountains - Grandiose Introductions
  • Cold Spark Fountains - Grandiose Introductions

    Add your 'Grandiose Introductions' package from the 'Everything-You-Need' or the 'Everything-You-Want' pages for a discounted price (up to 50% off). Simply use the 'adjust pricing/add services' drop-down menu on the right of the page, or add the 'Celebrity' package to get your choice of effect and a whole lot more!

    Make your introductions 'grandiose' with our cold spark fountains! Placed on either side of the entryway to your reception, these machines create an exciting 'sparkler' effect when you walk through the door! Completely safe-to-the touch, these machines create sparks using new technology that keeps the effect so cool that you can literally put your hands directly into the sparks without injury!


    Also great during dancing, behind the head table for photos, or during your ceremony for a real 'wow' effect once you've been pronounced as a married couple!


    *also includes red carpet, stanchions with red velvet rope and professional moving spotlight for introductions