• "What kinds of events do you do?"

    • We are wedding DJs with the skills and experience of club DJs! Weddings are our bread and butter, but we also do corporate parties, house parties and more.

  • "Do I get to meet the DJ?"

    • Of course! Schedule a meeting with us to talk to a DJ. We do not hire 'salespeople', so you can rest assured if you talk to our team, you're talking to a DJ.


  • "When you say 'DJs who've actually played at the club,' what do you mean? Is my wedding going to be ​like a club the entire night? My parents and grandparents will be there, I want them to enjoy the music, too."

    • Our DJs combine their wedding and club experience to bring you the best of both worlds: wedding planning professionals who perform like true artists. We take your music requests and preferences and combine them with our exceptional music-mixing skills to create an elegant atmosphere full of nonstop entertainment. 


  • "But, what about house parties? Or what if I DO want my wedding ​to be like a club all night?"

    • Say no more, we've got you covered.


  • "But what if I don't want you to mix at all?"​

    • If all you are looking for is someone to play one song after another, you don't need a DJ. Save yourself some dough and rent professional equipment that a friend or family member can use for your event. We'll deliver and set up the equipment you need with instructions and a music device holding your pre-defined playlist. At the end of the night we'll come and pick it up, simple as that!

  • "Do your DJs have a particular 'style'?

    • Our DJs can mix through any event with expertise, no matter what kind of music is required. But if you'd like to get a feel for their personality, check out our DJ profiles page. ​

  • "Do your DJs use pre-recorded sets?"

    • Never. This goes against the very concept of DJing. Our professionals will read and react to the crowd's energy in real-time.​


  • "When you say 'event planning services', what do you mean?"​

    • All of our DJs are professionals with experience planning and hosting weddings and events. They will help you create a timeline, choose songs and coordinate special events using the information you provide to us in our 'Digital Planning Suite'. Your DJ will speak with you multiple times before the big day to make sure we have everything correct​​.


  • "Can I hear your DJs perform live​ before booking?"

    • You can schedule an online video chat where we'll perform just for you using your favorite songs or genres! This is the most ideal way to see if we are good fit for your wedding or event. As well, you can follow us on Bandlab, Mixcloud and Twitch to catch all of our 'Party Vibe Online LIVE' shows. Choose the theme that suits you best, be it a 'Country Hoedown' or 'Classic Wedding Night'.

  • ​"How do you handle song requests?"

    • Any request made by the newlyweds is our top priority, whether submitted through the 'Digital Planning Suite' or during the event. With any request made by a guest, we'll refer to the newlyweds' 'must play' and 'do not play' song lists, and if it fits with the vibe, we'll play it. If it doesn't, we'll ask before we do anything else.

  • "Will you play my favorite songs and any cultural tunes (Sto Lat, Wedding Hora, polka, bachata/ merengue, Sangeet) that I request?"

    • We are well versed with the wedding traditions ​of many cultures and we are happy to play any traditional music that is requested. We make sure to play all of your favorite songs before the end of the night.

  • "How will you know if the music is too loud or too soft in the room?"

    • Your DJ will do frequent checks around the room to ensure the volume level is consistent and comfortable for all guests.​

  • "Do you offer master of ceremony (also known as MC or Emcee) services?"

    • All of our DJs are fully trained hosts and emcees who will deliver clarity and finesse over the microphone. ​

  • "How do you all sound on the microphone?"

    • We are not 'hype' people, we are professionals. When we grab the microphone you can ​expect clarity with an elegant demeanor, not 'This is DJ whoever from where ever'. Nobody cares about that. We keep the night's focus on the newlyweds.

  • "How do payments work?"

    • After booking, you'll have 30 days to submit the deposit (usually 50% of the total cost). From there, you can make monthly payments or pay your final balance in one lump sum 12-16 weeks before the event.​ We can also set up a custom payment plan that works for you and your budget.

  • "Do I have to take care of everything (meet my DJ/emcee, pay for services) online/over the phone?"

    • Currently during COVID-19, yes. However, once the pandemic is over, we will resume making house calls and buying coffee for those who wish to meet in person.

  • "Why don't you have a 'brick-and-mortar' storefront?"​

    • Better DJs cost more, so we took the cost of a brick-and-mortar storefront and put that money towards quality, skilled performers who know how to please. Being online-based also means we can provide quicker and more convenient service than our competitors, not to mention the big carbon footprint we're not leaving behind!​​

  • "When does the DJ arrive, and how will they be dressed?"

    • Your DJ will arrive 2-4 hours before guests arrive at your event, and they will wear a dark suit and tie for the party's duration.​

  • "Do you have insurance?"

    • We wouldn't be a professional wedding DJ company if we didn't have insurance. We can provide this to your venue and you for peace of mind.

  • "Do you have backup personnel?"

    • We do not overbook our services. Rest assured that there is a backup DJ on call for every wedding and event we do.​

  • "Do you have backup equipment?"

    • Alongside backup personnel, every package includes backup equipment ​in case of malfunction.

  • "What happens if we need to reschedule due to COVID-19 or a different emergency?"

    • We offer the most lenient rescheduling policy you can find. Should you wish to reschedule, simply let us know before you finalize your new date to make sure we are available.​