HERE, YOU CAN Add a package to your 'reserved services' for your wedding.

After booking, you'll also have access to our planning services. For more add-on services, see our 'Lighting and extras' page, or use the 'adjust pricing/add services' drop-down menu on your preferred package's detail page!

upon checkout, your event's date will be reserved. You will not be asked for any payment information upon checkout. One of our professionals will contact you and then send you over our contract before any payments are processed. Total cost is not always due immediately. Talk to our staff about our many payment options! Checking out does not obligate you to sign the contract, your order merely acts as a reservation until we've had a chance to talk with you about your event.

$850 - $1250

$1400 - $1900

$2100 - $2350



$500 - $1050