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It doesn't matter if you're at a house party or a wedding, if you're at a bar or a club, if you're dancing, or if you're just enjoying the vibe; you know a good DJ when you hear one. DJs who can emcee with energy and clarity, who know when to mix and when to let it play, and who've actually played at the club comprise 'Party Vibe Online.' Our sights are set on providing you with the most skilled and personable DJs across the midwest. Meet your DJ/emcee online or in person, it's all up to you! Simply book an appointment with our staff or give us a call at 312-291-1686! With Party Vibe, you can take care of everything you need from wherever you want! 


How We're Different

Our entire lives are dedicated to putting on the best show everywhere we go. With over 15 years of combined experience in the industry, our DJs know exactly what it takes to get people talking about your event. Our professionals know how to read and react to a crowd, and our knowledge of music is vast so yours doesn't have to be. We tastefully mix through every event (no jukebox DJs here!) never allowing a dull moment on the dance floor! Every DJ is a trained emcee and will be matched with you according to your event's specific needsWe're dedicated to making planning your event as easy as it should be! For more information, check our FAQ.

How to Book

Give us a call at 312-291-1686 or book an appointment online. You can also use the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen Tuesday - Friday from 10:00am - 8:00pm to chat with our staff. You can use the cart to see how much your wedding, house party, or other special event will cost. Checking out will not charge you, but it will reserve the date of your event for 1 week. We'll send you a contract to review, and we'll set up a time and date to discuss any questions you may have about our services. We don't require you to sign the contract right away. You can take your time to review it, and when you're ready, just give us a call to finalize your reservation. After that, we'll talk about when you can meet your DJ/emcee, and you'll have full access to our digital planning suite!




  • "Do I have to take care of everything (meet my DJ/emcee, pay for services) online?"

    • Absolutely not! We specialize in making house calls. Most of the time, we meet our couples over video chat simply because it's easiest for them. If taking care of everything online isn't for you, then we're happy to come meet you personally at home, your venue, or your favorite coffee shop. Simply give us a call to set up an in-person appointment​!


  • "In what cities/states do you travel to? Is there an extra charge?"

    • We travel across the entire continental United States. We do our very best to keep travel fees reasonable. Talk to one of our staff today!  


  • "When you say 'DJs who've actually played at the club,' what do you mean? Is my wedding going to be ​like a club the entire night? My parents and grandparents will be there, I want them to dance, too."

    • Our DJs do have experience at the club, but that doesn't mean they lack the sensibility and patience to DJ a wedding. When the vibe calls for it, you want a DJ who can take your party to the next level. However, we understand the diverse nature of music and mixing tastes that will be in attendance at your wedding, and we respect that above all else.


  • "But, what about house parties? Or what if I DO want my wedding ​to be like a club all night?"

    • Say no more, we've got you covered.


  • "But what if I don't want you to mix at all?"​

    • Get an iPod and a speaker. We are not the company for you. Mixing (and knowing when not to mix) is our specialty. At Party Vibe, it's our belief that if you're paying for a DJ, you get an actual DJ.


  • "When you say 'event planning services,' what do you mean?"​

    • Our management team will walk you through a typical wedding and help you plan yours along the way. We collect your favorite songs, as well as all of the music you'll need played from ceremony seating to the last song on the dance floor. With our online and phone support, we are the most accessible DJ company in the United States! Check out our free planning forms here!


  • "Do I get to meet my DJ/emcee?"

    • Of course! After booking with us, we'll gather your music preferences and recommend a DJ for your event. We currently have 6 DJs on staff. You get the final say on which DJ you prefer! 


  • "Can I hear my DJ perform live​?"

    • You can schedule an online video chat where we'll mix JUST FOR YOU using YOUR favorite songs or genres! Follow us on Facebook to catch all of our public performances! 

  • "Why don't you have a 'brick-and-mortar' storefront?"​

    • We are a mobile entertainment service specializing in providing you with real, talented DJs at a cost you can afford. Subtracting the cost of maintaining a brick-and-mortar location allows us to keep a loyal staff of skilled DJs at a cost to you that's lower than average. We provide quicker and more convenient service than our competitors, alongside larger packages and better performers! (Not to mention the big carbon footprint we're not leaving behind!)


  • "Do you offer any other party services, other than sound equipment?"​

    • Check out our 'Lighting and Extras' page for all sorts of extras! We have many different custom lighting services, as well as some unique services such as our 'Rockstar Booth'.




Book an Appointment!

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After making an appointment, our staff will contact you to confirm! You will automatically be provided with a unique link for the online session through Zoom. We can also...
Meet Our Staff: Video Chat
15 min
Free Consultation
After making an appointment, our staff will contact you to confirm!
Meet Our Staff: Phone Consultation
15 min
Free Consultation
Schedule a time to see exactly how we'll mix at YOUR event! Simply input a few of your favorite songs, artists or music genres, as well as some notes on what you've envis...
Custom Mixing Demonstration
30 min
Free Consultation


Not ready for a consultation yet? Shoot us an email and we'll get back to you within 1 business day! 

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